Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last minute addition: Ellen Gustafson and Lauren Bush of FEED Projects to join Midnight Symposium May 24th

Doors open at 8pm.
Stew served at 8:30.
Conversation with Ellen and Lauren begins at 9:00pm.
Get Tickets Here. Tickets include a FEED 50 Haiti bag.

Night School Founder Michael Hebb met Ellen and Lauren last week at the DC Summit Series, the three immediately connected, and a Symposium was planned on the spot. The Sorrento is thrilled that the Night School community and Seattle will have an opportunity to break bread and converse with these remarkable women that are redefining the war on hunger.

Topic of conversation: The FEED Foundation is launching a new initiative focused on global food system change called the 30 Project. Along with FEED's work selling social-conscious products around the world, the 30 Project is a new strategic partnership and awareness campaign to connect the problems of a billion people hungry and a billion people overweight. Let's talk about how to change the system.

Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson are the Co-Founders of FEED Projects, LLC, a charitable company that creates good products that help FEED the world. They are also the Co-Founders of the FEED Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to improving the global food system starting with ensuring nutritious school food for all children. FEED has so far provided over 55 million school meals to children around the world by selling over a half a million FEED bags. Lauren and Ellen have also been featured as two of Fortune Magazine's Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs.

The Midnight Symposium concept is simple: we will continue to host the leading intellectuals, artists, activists and writers of our time for an intimate and casual course on a subject of their choosing. The Symposiums begin closer to 8pm - and occasionally will continue til midnight. Previous Symposiums have included: Atul Gawande, Garry Wills, Bill Mckibben, Lesley Hazleton, and Jesse Sheidlower.

*Upon confirmation of their reservation guests will receive a pdf of required reading. In a Symposium dialogue is encouraged.

$60/person, includes a hearty stew, a big bottle of whisky to be shared, and some wine. If you like to drink heavily we encourage you to bring additional bottles. Tickets include FEED 50 Haiti bag.

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  1. Hey! So looking forward to this, but haven't received a PDF of the reading... Please send to orokyta@gmail.com