Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The New York Times Gives Night School BIG LOVE.

Hotels Book Unusual Events to Draw in the Public
Published: May 24, 2010

She said she used to choose from a few familiar hotel chains because they offered a predictable experience. Now she looks for hotels like the Sorrento in Seattle that has started to offer cultural and social events, including author readings and current event symposiums. “It’s nice to have a reason to come out of my room,” she said.

The Sorrento Hotel started programming its “Night School” events, in part, to change the way business travelers thought of the hotel.

The hotel was attracting guests because it is an elegant historic landmark, its co-owner, Barbara Malone, said, but it was not very vibrant.

“We wanted to make the Sorrento a cultural and social epicenter,” she said. One offering is “Chamber vs. Chamber,” which pairs, for example, an orchestral percussionist and a rock musician.

Among the other events there, Garry Wills has discussed his book, “Bomb Power,” and two of the principal dancers of the Pacific Northwest Ballet shared stories of life behind the scenes at the ballet. Continue reading here...

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