Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chamber Vs. Chamber No. 8: Kimya Dawson + Dream Hampton. Nov. 7th

Chamber Vs. Chamber No. 8: Kimya Dawson + Dream Hampton.

An extra special Chamber session with famed writer Dream Hampton and our favorite singer/songwriter Kimya Dawson. Expect some new songs, plus "a dialogue with Kimya about her newest album's major and minor themes: oceans, cancer, transgendered heros, feeling safe in your own skin, saving public libraries and making big albums in a small, familial way."

November 7th. 8pm.

Top Of The Town. Sorrento Hotel. 7th Floor.


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Facebook event page.

"Kimya Dawson straddles the line between precious and profound" - Rolling Stone

Kimya Dawson has been featured in Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, NY Times, AOL Spinner session, etc. She has performed live on the View, played the Independent Spirit Awards, and also performed at Carnegie Hall for an REM tribute. THUNDER THIGHS is the first solo album from ex Moldy Peaches Kimya Dawson since the Grammy winning, platinum selling soundtrack from the movie JUNO. Album features guest performances from Aesop Rock, members of the Strokes, Mountain Goats, Forever Young Senior Citizen Rock and Roll Choir, Kimya's 5 year old daughter Panda, and more. Album will be released on Kimya's own label - Great Crap Factory- via Burnside Distribution October 18, 2011

dream hampton has written about music, culture and politics for 20 years. Her articles and essays have appeared in The Village Voice, The Detroit News, Harper's Bazaar, Essence and a dozen anthologies most recently Born to Use Mics: Reading Nas's Illmatic, edited by Michael Eric Dyson. She was an editor at The Source in the early 90s and a Contributing Writer at Vibe for its first 15 years. She co-authored the unreleased Black Book with Shawn Jay-Z Carter and collaborated with him on Decoded (November, 2010, Spigel and Grau.) She's co-authoring Kamal "Q Tip" Fareed's memoir, Industry Rules (Random House, 2011).

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