Monday, November 2, 2009

12 books. Begins.

12 books – A different kind of book store.

As part of Night School and in collaboration with Elliot Bay Book Company, Kim Ricketts, and University Book Store – we are establishing a small carefully curated bookstore in the Sorrento lobby - in an effort to give greater resonance to the literary events beginning to fill the walls of the Hotel. Additionally, hotel guests will be able to order books as a Room Service option from a letter pressed menu of the 12 books.

Our selections will reflect a sampling of books that are presently being published or written in or about the Northwest. We will also include titles that specifically touch on Hotels, public/private space, and authors that collaborate with the Sorrento to host readings, symposiums, and various literary happenings.

Our first 12 books:

Jesse Sheidlower The F-word
Joey Veltkamp Scenes from a Hotel
Bruce Benderson Pacific Agony
Maurice Sendak Where the Wild Things Are
Lesley Hazleton After the prophet
Nassim Assefi Aria
Wayne Koestembaum Hotel Theory
Heather McHugh Upgraded To Serious
Matt Briggs Shoot the Buffalo
Ryan Boudinot Misconception
John Roderick Electric Aphorisms
Josh Beckman Your Time has Come
Drinking Lessons Volume One

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  1. Try "Let's Never Do That Again" by E.N. Larsen. Seattle area resident who wrote the funny short stories within.