Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drinking Lessons no. 3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9.

Our first two late night boozy seminars were packed with eager drinkers and volumes of knowledge. take a moment to browse through the real-time documentation of ryan magarian and murray stenson as they delivered their respective sermons: captured by foodista: .

The series continues as several more of the countries leading bartenders and drink historians take up residence at the hunt club bar. Here are the dates.

September 20th - 6pm/8pm Robert Hess
September 22nd - 6pm/8pm Jeffery Morgenthaler
October 20th - 6pm/8pm Erik Hakkinen
November 16th - 6pm/8pm Kathy Casey
November 23rd and 24th. 6pm/8pm Alex Day and Toby Cecchini
December 7th - 6pm/8pm Anu Apte and Zane Harris

** Follow all classes online with real-time documentation by

Drinking lesson guests can expect an animated two hour lesson in the preparation and history of three distinct cocktails. To temper the stiff drinks the hunt club kitchen will pepper the evening with a few small bites. Guests will receive a copy of our quarterly Drinking Lesson recipe books in the mail in the weeks following the lesson. Sessions are limited to twelve individuals only. This is a night school event. $55 includes tax. $10 for chapbook of recipes. For reservations email:

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