Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drinking Lesson number 15: All Things Whisk(e)y October 13th

Join us for a special Drinking Lessons with our friends at the Washington State Bartenders Guild--yes, the most fabulous guild ever. The Guild and Andrew Friedman (WSBG president and owner of Liberty Bar) will invite a few of their friends and the oaked, wheated, peated and barleyed best they represent for an evening of whisk(e)y tasting.

Guests will convene in the Fireside Room (where else?) to sample bottlings of brown from around the world--American, Scotch and Japanese included--and receive a short, liquid-aided tutorial on this single-colored but far from one note spirit. To be followed by an open tasting of whisk(e)y for attendees, including Maker's Mark, Ri1 and Whistle Pig. Guests for this event will receive a keepsake of cocktails, recipes and spirits discussed at the event. Tickets here.

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