Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Drinking Lesson Number 16: Jay Kuehner of Sambar on Improvisation

This lesson will focus on the alchemy of cocktails. As the main bartending force behind Sambar--the adjoining cocktail lounge to Ballard's Le Gourmand--Jay doesn't just create repeat customers, he creates disciples. His specialty is in the extemporaneous, taking cues from the parched by way of a choice of alcohol or single main ingredient, accented by a kitchen's worth of his special concoctions and adjuncts.

Guests can expect an animated two hour lesson in the preparation and history of at least three distinct cocktails. To temper the libations the Hunt Club will pepper the evening with a few small bites from the kitchen. Sessions are limited to twelve individuals only. Tickets for 6pm. Tickets for 8pm.

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